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Safester allows to share information securely
Take the tour!
You won’t spend hours figuring it out
Encrypted emails FREE for all

Sleep tight. Messages are safe with us.

Safester is dead simple to install (and uninstall if you wish).

Safester works like any email application - just write a message, attach files & add recipients.

You don’t have to manage keys or encryption parameters - Safester does all that for you.

You get notifications in your regular inbox when you get a Safester message.

You can access Safester from any computer running Windows, macOS or Linux or any device running Android or iOS - all your data is centralized on our servers.

Use your contacts' usual email address - Safester will invite them to retrieve their encrypted message.

Recipients who don't have Safester are invited to get a FREE account while their message is waiting in a draft folder.

Windows? macOS? Linux? on Desktop.
Android ? iOS? on mobile device.
Whatever your recipients use, we have them covered. Don't worry about interoperability.

The FREE edition provides a full featured send & receive version, with unlimited Inbox size. It's totally free for anyone to receive all your encrypted messages with attachments.

Your messages and files are encrypted before being sent and only decrypted after reception.

There is no way to intercept your messages, no backdoor, no master key, no pinky to tell.

We use OpenPGP, the most widely acclaimed standard for encryption and the most robust algorithms out there (AES, RSA...).

We use long keys of 2048 bits, as recommended by security experts.

And if our servers were "hacked" into, all messages are stored encrypted and are impossible to decrypt.