End-to-End Strong OpenPGP Encryption

Messages are encrypted before transmission,
and decrypted after reception to avoid snoopers over the Internet, your corporate network, or your WIFI.
Encryption uses OpenPGP standard with strong algorithms and long keys (2048+ bits).

Open Source for freedom and security

Safester’s client-side source code (User Interface and encryption) is 100% Open Source.
All client code is published and is freely accessible on GitHub. (Desktop and Mobile versions.)
You can evaluate the code easily and free of charge and assess its value in terms of security.
You can freely modify and reuse the source code, if you need to.

FREE account for your Recipients

Send messages with large attachments to anyone and don’t worry!
It will be always FREE for your recipients to decrypt and read your messages and attachments.
Their Inbox size is unlimited. The Free edition also allows to send messages with attachments.

Easy to Use, Easy to Share

Your email is your ID (requires verification), and encryption keys are securely stored on the server.
Receive message notifications in your regular inbox.

Attach Large Documents

Attachments are fully encrypted too, with no size limit (maximum size depending on your Account).

Reduce Email Leakage

No Print, No Forward options to restrict undue forwarding, printing, or archiving on a third party server.

In the Cloud for Convenience and Security

All your files and messages are stored encrypted on our servers.
This allows you to access your account from any PC, Android or iOS mobile phone.
Encryption techniques used guarantee that your files can’t be read, even in the occurrence where one of our servers is hacked.