How to create an account

      • Once you’ve downloaded and installed Safester, launch it and click the “New User? Create Account Now” button to create your account.
      • You will be prompted for the bare minimum: your name and the email address you want to use for your account.
        It’s a current email address that you already use. It will be used as your ID and as the way for your recipients to identify and find you.
        It’s also where notification alerts will be sent to.
      • You need to also choose a passphrase. That’s what keeps your account secure, so it should be strong and we encourage you to make it different from your email password.
      • Click “Create” and wait for our confirmation email (our way to verify this email address is rightfully yours)
      • In the confirmation message, click on the activation link. Voila! You’re done and all set to send your first encrypted message.
Registering for Safester

Welcome Screen

Registering for Safester

Create New Account

Registering for Safester

Confirmation Email

How to send an encrypted message

      1. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Compose” button to start writing your message.
      2. Compose your email as you would on your regular email client: add To/Cc recipients, attachments and the body of your message.
      3. Choose the confidentiality options that make sense for this message like “No Forward” (prevents recipients to resend), “No Print” (prevents recipients from printing),
        and “Send Anonymous Notification” (no information will appear in the notification message we send to recipients)
      4. Click “Send” and your message will be encrypted before it’s sent from your computer. No information will leave your PC unencrypted.
Sending an encrypted message with Safester

Composing Email

Sending an encrypted message with Safester
Sending Email